I was always interested in art. Over the years studies, work, family and other commitment took priority and art was put on the back burner. Then I discovered the art of cooking! I discovered that I love to cook! I love the time I spend in the kitchen [except the cleaning part :D]. I love to recreate dishes. I love to serve good food to my family and friends. I love the aroma of good food [who doesn’t?] and I love to serve the food in a stylish way! I think it adds to the taste :). And I love to talk about food! I can go on and on chit chatting about food!

Every time I make a dish in my kitchen I come out with a smile on my face [and an ache in my back and feet]. And every time a family member or a friend likes my dish it adds to my happiness.

But over the years even though I have made a lot of dishes I have lost a lot of recipes. And I hate to loose recipes. So I decided to log them somewhere. And what’s better than logging them in a blog, where I can not only keep track of all my recipes I can also put forward my thoughts out to the world and the people who would care to listen to me 🙂

So I hope you enjoy this journey with me, one recipe at a time. Have fun! Cook away !